Legal Research

Whether you're an attorney, paralegal, librarian, or just need legal research, CiteGuru is a platform to help you kickstart or bolster your research without searching endlessly through databases. Maximize efficiency and quality by harnessing the benefits of crowdconnecting.

Innovating Legal Research

Whether you're just starting a research project or in the thick of it,
CiteGuru Specialists can provide dedicated and insightful research support.

Crowdconnecting Legal Researchers and Legal Searchers

Crowdconnecting is a method of facilitating social connections through crowdsourcing-like principles

Save Time

CiteGuru Legal Specialists can spare you from endless database searching and help you to more quickly reach your research goals.

Discover Insights

Crowdconnecting can help broaden your research results and may reveal new insights.

Cut Costs

The efficiency of crowdconnecting helps you save money, save time, and stay focused on the details of your research project.

Simplifying Research

Traditional legal research can be a time consuming and chaotic process. CiteGuru Specialists untangle the process and provide you with key, relevant findings or reports to kickstart or bolster your research.

Sometimes the most difficult part of legal research is knowing where to start. CiteGuru Specialists can get your research project started with the most relevant case law, key holdings, targeted issue spotting, and more.
Sifting through haystacks of databases to find just the right holdings is a time consuming and exhausting process. Our Specialist Legal Researchers know how to quickly find the cases that have the most insight and relevance to your research needs.
Citeguru and affiliated CiteGuru Specialists provide legal information only and maintain strict privacy guidelines to keep you ethically compliant in your practice and to your client.

Get started today

CiteGuru is a platform to connect you with legal researchers. You provide the information for your research project and verified researchers with backgrounds in the law can provide assistance.
To start a research project, we ask that you provide as much non-sensitive information about your research needs as possible. This could include information about jurisdictions, laws, fact issues, judges, holding types, language needed, date ranges, and more. Please review our posting guidelines for more information.
CiteGuru is free to use. However to incentivize participation from other researchers you may offer a reward for contributions. Research requests should be gauged according to complexity, amount of information needed, and level of detail.
We currently do not offer payment facilitation services, but will in the future. If you are going to offer a research reward, it is up to you to define the terms and how you will you pay. We suggest using services like paypal or bitcoin. Users may be flagged or banned for not honoring research rewards.
CiteGuru researchers provide legal information, not legal advice. To that end, we ask that you do not submit privileged or confidential case information, personally identifiable information, or any other information which could reasonably disclose details of a case, potential or otherwise, or any information intended to elicit legal advice. To the extent you provide a factual situation, please only submit hypothetical, non-descript fact patterns. Please see our posting guidelines for more information.
Privacy is our top priority - we're keenly aware of attorney-client privileges and ethical obligations. We take seriously the types of information that may be submitted and posted for a research project and only legal information may be provided, not legal advice. We require that only non-sensitive information be used for projects. That is information that has no personally identifiable, confidential, or otherwise privileged details about a person, case or potential case. Learn more about our posting guidelines by clicking here.
Any one may request to become a researcher, but only people that have been reviewed and vetted for experience, qualification, and identification may contribute to a research project. Verified researchers must have a background in the law. Review our researcher qualification requirements for more information.
We only allow vetted and qualified researchers to particiapte in research projects to ensure the quality work. We also provide moderators to oversee submissions. Project moderators represent our most talented and qualified researchers. They are in charge of reviewing researchers' work for quality and consistency, serving as a liason between you and the researchers.
Keep in mind CiteGuru is still beta testing and still developing. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems feel free to contact us by clicking here. We also have a feedback survey if you're interested in providing any insights you have: available here.
We're rolling out an archive of past research projects and research findings soon.
If you would like to become a CiteGuru researcher, please review our research qualification requirements, our research guidelines, and submit a researcher application. Learn more and sign-up here to join!
CiteGuru was founded by Pittsburgh entrepreneur and attorney Bryan A. Fox. More about Bryan available here.